Storm surge Xaver in Hamburg

On December 6, 2013, hurricane “Xaver” led to the second highest storm surge ever measured in Hamburg. The water level of the Elbe rises to 6.09 meters above sea level, roads near the river are under water. But people are spared: the dikes hold up.

© dpa, Foto: Christian Clarisius
© AFP / Bodo Jel
© AFP / patrick Lux
© Christian Clarisius (dpa)
© Christian Clarisius (dpa)

Maritime murals in German cities

Mural in Bremen Neustadt advertising the local beer company Beck’s. The building and the brewery are directly adjacent to a dike that is in urgent need of renovation and elevation.

A building at Hongkongstraße in Hamburg’s harbour district adorned with japanese style waves.

Not a mural but a floor design at the new harbour in Bremerhaven. Large white fish are painted across the cement floor of a public space called Wily-Brandt-Platz, that has been redesigned in 2013.

Old Maps of Future Floodings

There are many projects for the visualisation of the effects of rising sea levels. The US-American company Climate Central presents dozens of photo-realistic images of potentially flooded areas. Like the flooded Super Bowl Stadium in Florida:

They even offer animated gifs and other before-after-imagery. In this example a section of Hamburg in Germany now (left side) and 50 years from now (right).

A different approach is the speculative cartography by designer Jeffrey Linn. His “retrofuture” maps appear like antiques but depict future scenarios. In this case, a partially flooded San Francisco Bay. His work is for sale here

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