Detlev von Liliencron (1844-1909): Trutz Blanke Hans

Ein einziger Schrei – die Stadt ist versunken,
Und Hunderttausende sind ertrunken.
Wo gestern noch Lärm und lustiger Tisch,
Schwamm andern Tags der stumme Fisch.
Heut bin ich über Rungholt gefahren,
Die Stadt ging unter vor sechshundert Jahren.
Trutz, Blanke Hans?


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Germany; 19. Century; Christian; Poetry; City: Rungholt

The little Hero of Haarlem

Apparently an anglo-american invention, this story about the boy who rescues a Dutch city by sticking his finger in a hole in the dyke, has been republished in various versions since the mid 1800s . This is the earliest published version of the story and it starts with the words, ” A long way off, across the ocean, there is a little country where the ground is lower than the level of the sea…”

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The view back

To see your city, you have to get out and look back. In many disaster movies, that’s a car ride onto a bridge. In this scene from Geostorm, the look back is directed towards Hong Kong.
USA; 21. Century; Christian; Movie; City: Hong Kong

Map of sunken and sinking Cities

A map I made of locations of sunken cities or cities that are currently threatened by rising sea levels or land subsidence.

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Gustave Doré: The New Zealander

Last image from Gustave Doré‘s Book “London – A Pilgrimage” (1872). Detailed Information.

France; 19. Century; Christian; Illustration; City: London

Franz Karl Basler-Kopp (1879–1937): Der Schimmelreiter
Illustration for the Book by Theodor Storm from 1888.
Germany; 19. Century; Christian; Illustration